Cataloguing of gravestones and fragments found is under way

Gravestones identified. The Prostějovský deník (Daily Prostějov) managed late last year to address the ample public, requesting information about the location gravestones from the old Jewish cemetery in Prostějov. People from Prostějov, Žešov, Seloutky, and Kostelec-na-Hané contributed various testimonies. Gravestones and gravestone fragments were collected at last, so far matched with some thirty persons who had been buried in the old cemetery.

The findings are currently being catalogued in cooperation with Olomouc heritage administrators, and may be declared movable cultural heritage by the end of the year. At its core are six complete gravestones (see the picture). They testify not only 19th century stonemasons’ works but some of them bear marks by which they were commissioned to demolition in 1943. The most valuable achievement is the show of good will on the part of the donors to set right the wrongs of the time of Nazi occupation.

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