Kathi (Chume) Hamburger (found at Žešov)

Kathi Hamburger

Kathi Hamburger

Katharine was born 14 January 1824 as the eighth of the 12 children of Moses and Josefa (née Schreiber) Hamburger. Her gravestone was used to burrow a cellar.

Moses Hamburger traded in grain; he had a warehouse in Olomouc. Katharine suffered an unfortunate fall in childhood, injuring her spine, which got distorted, and various other ailments added to this, including insanity at a later stage; death ultimately relieved her of her suffering 25 September 1875. The verse on her gravestone suggests a troubled life.

„Where Death as a merciful friend of salvation
Appears as the relieving angel of peace,
There is no place for unappeasable sorrow.
You, whom Death bereft too soon,
Mind. Is life suffering? Certainly,
Then your life, too, has been eternal.“

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  1. She was the sixth child, born June 19, 1817. See her birth record at http://www.badatelna.eu/fond/1073/reprodukce/?zaznamId=2225&reproId=43442. Please correct.

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