Juli (Jitl) Rosenthal (found at Žešov)

Juli Rosenthalová

Juli (Jitl) Rosenthal

This gravestone is the most valuable find so far. It was used as a step to a chicken shag, and has been preserved unharmed thanks to this fact. Legislation discriminating against Jews applied in Moravia from 1726 till 1848, which i.a. restricted the number of Jewish families. It allowed only the eldest son in every Jewish family to marry. The other sons could either leave the country or remain bachelors. This is why many Jewish couples lived in secret marriages, risking harsh penalties. Such families often lived in very stringent social situations.

Juli died 17 September 1852, aged 76. She was officially registered as unmarried Juli Bergel but her gravestone reads that Löbl (Leib) Rosenthal (1776–1856) was her husband. She is described as a modest and fair woman. Her hard life is suggested also in the line “thou shalt receive many rewards, up in the heavens.”

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