Adolfine Reiner (found at Sněhotice)

Adolfine Reiner

Adolfine Reiner

The gravestone of infant Adolfine (29 July 1865 to 10 August 1866) has been preserved in its original form. It got to the garden of a house at Sněhotice, where the current owners kept it, not knowing its origin.

Adolfine was born to her mother Charlotte (20 October 1828 to 27 February 1903) and posthumously to her father Adolf (died 23 March 1865). Adolf Reiner rented the house no. 24 on the main square in 1865. His widow Charlotte founded in the house the first textile store in the town. She purchased the house in 1872 for her son Sigmund, who took over the family business in 1879 to establish a textile wholesale firm, one of the largest in the Habsburg empire at the time.

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