About the project

Prague, August 13, 2020 – Effective from the beginning of this week, the Donath Business & Media (DBM) agency has completed communication support for the project of rehabilitation of the old Jewish cemetery in Prostějov. The client was the American religious foundation WMSBG Kolel Damesek Eliezer, led by Rabbi Louis Kestenbaum. The reason for the abrupt termination of cooperation with a long-term client was the non-payment of 7 invoices issued from November 2019 to May 2020 in the amount exceeding half a million crowns. Neither the rabbi nor his associates responded to repeated calm or emphatic calls for payment. In 2017, the agency and the rehabilitation project of the old Jewish cemetery were awarded two first and one second place in the Czech Public Relations Award in three different categories. “Emotionally, this is one of my biggest professional disappointments,” said Michal Donath, CEO of DBM. “I know that emotions do not belong in business, but what should one think about a conscious defaulter? Consuming services, accepting a statement of work without reservation and thinking that you do not have to pay for it is a completely misguided and incorrect approach, and even more so by a religious organization. That makes the story sadder, ” Donath added.
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This web site offers information on the project of rehabilitation of the old Jewish cemetery in Prostějov, which is to return the destroyed heritage site onto the spiritual map of the town. The place where nearly two thousand people were buried from 1801 to 1908 has become a car park and grassland where people walk their dogs.

L_310_32The goal of the project is bring dignity according to the Jewish tradition to the site containing human remains, not impeding day-to-day life in the adjacent residential area and the school in vicinity. A valuable heritage site should thus arise and enrich today’s Prostějov. Rabbi Louis Kestenbaum has been the initiator and donor of the project.

We call on the public at large with the request to contribute information on the still existing gravestones or other records of the history of the site of the old Jewish cemetery in Prostějov, such as photographs, newspaper clips, recorded memories or official documents.